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    Safety relay
    Finder safety relay
    • Finder safety relay

    Finder safety relay

    继电器??橛?带强制引导触点 6A

    Relay module with forced pilot contact

    ? for safety applications, with class a forced pilot contact relays (EN 50205)

    ? 2 poles (1no 1 NC), 4 poles (2 No 2 NC and 3 No 1 NC), 6 poles (4 No 2 NC)

    ? Railway applications

    ? 35mm guide rail (EN 60715) installation, 22.5MM wide


    7S. twenty-three
    Contact specifications
    Contact configuration 2 NO and 1 NC
    Rated current / maximum peak current a 10/20
    Rated switching voltage V AC (50/60 Hz) two hundred and fifty
    Rated load AC1 VA two thousand and five hundred
    Rated load ac15 (230 V AC) VA five hundred
    Breaking capacity dc1:30/110/220 V A 6/0.6/0.2
    Breaking capacity dc13:24 V A one
    Minimum switching load MW (v/ma) 60 (5/5)
    Standard contact material AgNi Au
    Coil specification
    Nominal voltage (UN) V DC 12 - 24 - 48 -110
    Rated power VA (50 Hz) /w 2.3/1
    Operating range DC (0.8…1.2)UN
    Holding voltage DC 0.45 UN
    Drop voltage DC 0.1 UN