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    Industry trends
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    Safety and efficiency of finder relay in industrial automation

    文章出处:芬德电子科技 / 作者:芬德电子科技 / 发表时间:2024-01-30

    aboutFinder relayIn general, 2018 will also be a year of great development, which is characterized by the introduction of new comfortable living systems for the civil sector and many extensions for the industrial sector. Finder said that the product focus of this version of SPS IPC driver will be safety and efficiency in industrial automation.

    Industrial temperature regulation

    Major news first appeared at the forefront of industrial temperature regulation, and its new scope includes:

    (1)7H. Model 51 panel heater has six versions of heating power, starting from the most compact 25W and 50W on the market, to the new 250W and 400W ventilated models, with quick connection terminals;

    (2) The front opening of 7F series fan is convenient to replace the filter, and the new design is designed by Minelli fossati; Panel fan with filter;

    (3) Type 7T 81 thermostat and electronic and multifunctional 7T 0.51 switchboard thermostat can control the humidity level in the switchboard alone or in combination with room temperature.


    Safe application of relays

    Next, about safety applications, we will introduce the new forced pilot relay:

    (1) 7S series, with 2-3-4 or 6 contacts, is suitable for applications up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508 (depending on type), and now also has screw terminals and springs;

    (2) 50 series, with 2-4 or 6 contacts, small size, for PCB installation;

    So as to improve the existing contact relay and ensure the functional safety of the machine and system.

    Relay according to ATEX directive

    In terms of safety, we cannot lack a series of products that comply with ATEX directive 2014/34/eu and are suitable for installation in zone 2 with gas:

    (1) Modular relay interface and timing relay modular interface series 39 ATEX

    (2) Printed circuit 66 series power relay;

    (3) The 58 Series modular relay interface can also be used with the timing module.

    Three types of modern relays and timers can be widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refrigeration, air conditioning systems and many other potentially explosive applications.

    Energy meter

    The new product range is directly inserted by 7e series ammeter or realized by CT (current transformer). It is suitable for single-phase and three-phase applications. Its compact size has obtained mid certification and is suitable for energy measurement in civil and industrial environments.

    Class B Precision Instruments conforming to en 50470-3 standard are equipped with S0 pulse interface and integrated RS485 modbus, M-BUS or Ethernet Modbus TCP communication ports for remote reading.